Writing Guidance

Need help writing your inspirational book?

The same amazing team that I worked with on my books can help you.

We’ll guide you through the development phase to the publishing phase and all the steps in between to make your literary vision a reality.

I love sharing my knowledge and encouraging anyone who seeks a creative path to freedom of body, mind and soul.

With this purpose, I’ve created the Fit for Joy philosophy and training. A home to the art of physical, emotional and spiritual health that promotes exercise, meditation, wholesome diet and writing.

I thrive in giving others the confidence to live on their terms with joy and wisdom.

"Freedom is to know that you are free."


My name is Valeria Koopman aka V. Teles. I am an inspirational writer, author, first-prize fitness competitor, coach, and creator of the Fit for Joy training.

Besides writing meaningful books, I also write for these highly regarded magazines:

  • Huffington Post
  • Elephant Journal
  • Body Mind Spirit Online
  • Mind Elate
  • Heartfulness Magazine

To get started, please send me a message about what type of writing guidance and assistance you require.

I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Much love!

For contacting Valeria please send email to info@fitforjoy.org